Urinal Screens, Splash Mats, Urinal Deodoriser - 10 Pack - Fits Most Top Urinal Brands & Waterless. Anti-Splash & Odour Neutraliser by Alwees Fresh… (Mango)

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  • Highest Quality Urinal Screen – They are used by some of the country’s largest Airports, Sports Stadiums, Train Station, Hotels, Pubs and more. Slow release of subtle, long-lasting Tropical Mango fragrance. Our urinal splash screens are made of hardwearing eco-friendly material that is extremely flexible, easy to handle and recyclable. Fragrance lasts for a minimum of 5,000 flushes
  • Long Lasting Aroma That Eliminates Bad Odour - The urinal screen uses antibacterial agents that consume offensive odours and release a fresh scent, making the men's bathroom feel highly sanitised and deodorised. Each urinal screen is individually sealed to preserve aroma for longer. The 1cm long bristles ensure that there are no splashbacks from urinal operation helping keep your facilities cleaner for longer.
  • No Need For Toilet Disinfecting Blocks - Our urinal mats provide a very effective alternative to the usual 'toss blocks'. Reduces the problem of blocked drains from discarded items such as chewing gums, cigarette butts and broken glass. They are very hardwearing and are very easily monitored thanks to the easy to use calendar date tags located around the side. The easy reminder system lets you know when it's time to replace it - simply remove the tabs upon installation to set your replacement
  • Keep Your Customers & Staff Happy - Let your customer remember your facilities for all the right reasons. Keep your facilities smelling fresh and looking clean for longer. Your cleaning staff will love it and so will your customers.
  • Fits Any Urinal - The universal round shape means that you can use Alwees Fresh urinal mats in practically any urinal (inc. waterless). They fit far more urinals than square or diamond shaped urinal mats. That’s why Alwees Fresh is chosen by many professional janitorial contractors in the EU.

Product Description

Protects urinal trap
Eliminates urine splatter and splashback
Maintains the urinal cleaner in between cleaning
Creates a more hygienic environment for users
Creates a more positive experience for users
Scent duration +30 days 30 days 30 days