6 X Evans Hi-Phos High Active Concentrated Phosphoric Acid Cleaner and Descaler for Washrooms Toilet Bathroom 1Litre Bottles

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  • Bulk pack of Evans Hi-Phos High Active Heavy Duty Cleaner and Descaler 1ltr pack of 6.
  • This amazing one of a kind concentrated heavy duty bathroom cleaner removes limescale, body fat and heavy soiling very effectively with no work or sweat and will leave your washroom squeaky clean and sparkling.
  • With it's unique ingredients this acidic urinal and toilet cleaner works best in hard and soft water areas and leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance.
  • This powerful premium cleaning product is suitable for use on porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic & quarry tiles, with its thickened formula it clings to vertical surfaces, allowing longer contact for better cleaning.
  • This product is Made in UK and is of the highest standards.


Easy to use:

TOILET & URINALS: Flush toilet or urinal, Force water around S bend with toilet brush. Apply undiluted & leave for 1 minute, agitate with brush if necessary. Flush with clean water.

GENERAL CLEANING: Dilute 1:50 parts water (100 ml per 5 L / 3 x per 5 L). Mop or wipe surface. Rinse with clean water.
Premium Quality

This product is made with the user in mind giving you a great easy to use high quality toilet and bathroom cleaner, great for commercial use.