6 X Evans Clear Furniture Polish Window and Glass Cleaner Trigger Spray Bottle 750ML Bottles

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  • This cleanser contains a slight alcohol odour which is not strong enough to be dangerous but helps to remove heavy grime, and rapidly evaporates the liquid from the surface you are cleaning, leaving you with a streak free shine.
  • Especially effective on finger marks in lifts & surrounds, and anywhere really where there is a heavy traffic of people or children, e.g. doctor’s offices, schools.
  • Multi Functional - For a variety of surfaces including chrome, plastic, computer keyboards, glass screens and porcelain.
  • These trigger bottles are very useful for everyday use, and do not need diluting so you save on prep time. They have a long shelf life so there is no need to worry that you will only use them over some time. Also available in commercial 5Ltr bottle which you can get to refill the 750ml spray bottles.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM EVANS VANODINE REGARDING 750ML RTU PRODUCTS Due to global supply chain challenges, and in order to safeguard future production and supply of restricted range of products, all 750 ml RTU products will now only have 2 trigger spray heads included in each 6 x 750 ml case, until further notice. These products will now be securely capped and packed in a shallower carton with two loose trigger spray heads. We are, therefore, asking you to retain all 750 ml trigger spray heads (and 500/75 ml pumps) for future use. This is so we can all work together to ensure packaging remains available for supply and use of our products.