Keep Your Home Humming With This Annual Maintenance Checklist

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Keep Your Home Humming With This Annual Maintenance Checklist

Have you checked your HVAC system’s health this season?

There is regular upkeep around the house that, like clockwork, needs doing once a week. But it is also important to not skip out on the yearly maintenance tasks that keep your home in tip-top shape. A regular calendar reminder to make sure your HVAC system is in working order, your carpets are cleaned, and your lawn is aerated can save both time and money in the long run. As the seasons change, it is especially important to put regular HVAC cleaning and maintenance on your to-do list. 


Make sure your HVAC is healthy

When it comes to HVAC systems, maintenance is a cost-effective way to extend the life of appliances, as opposed to having to replace a broken-down unit. Simple jobs like changing the filter can be done regularly on your own. However, for things like checking ductwork and cleaning the furnace and compressor, it is important to invest annually in more thorough tune-ups by a trained HVAC professional.

One easy tactic to keep your HVAC running smoothly? Consider looking for a system that offers zoned temperature control, whereby different areas of your home can have different temperatures concurrently. Not only is it ideal for providing more indoor comfort, but it can help save on energy bills. Zoned temperature control eliminates hot or cold spots and allows different individuals in different areas to enjoy their ideal temperature. 


De-cobweb your vents

It is also important to take care of HVAC air vents throughout the house. Pulling out your vacuum and running it around all your registers and air conditioning vents: they can get cobwebby. Using the soft dusting-brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, go over all the grills and the grates of your vents and exhaust.


Do a carpet deep clean

Carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year. Not only does this banish dirt, a regular clean keeps carpets soft and plush. And if you are doing a deep vacuum on your own, do not forget the doormats. Vacuum the top, and then flip them over and vacuum them on the back. Doing that pushes out all the dirt that gets trapped in the fibres—then you can vacuum it up off the floor.


Keep windows sparkling

When it comes to window washing simpler is better. Start from the inside out, with your product of choice and a microfiber cloth. Just work your way around the house! One tip? Tackle the windows on an overcast day—too much sun will dry products before you can get to them with your cloth, which can result in streaky glass. If there are some panes you ca not reach, call a professional window cleaner at least once per year.


Pay attention to your patio

A yearly spruce-up on the driveway and twice a year for patio is good. This is also a great time to turn your attention to outdoor fixtures and furnishings, using water and cleaners specially meant for the outdoors to ensure the safety of any nearby grass or flowers. Clean up any planters, pots, and patio furniture that you had outside that may have been out over the winter. This will get them ready for spring and summer fun!


Do not forget lawn care

Want to make sure your lawn looks and feels healthy? Proper mowing and watering are paramount, but once a year you should also be considering aeration, in which the soil is perforated to better allow water and nutrients to penetrate the base of grass and plants and fertilisation. If you have a bigger yard, it might be worth investing in your own equipment, but aeration is also an easy task to hire out.