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DIY Cleaning Products to Clean Around The House

Today we are bringing you a list with a few cleaning products that you probably have in your house and it’s time to use them in a different way. Environment friendly and easy to use, they might become your favourites.


  1. Is your pan full of burnt-on grease? Try SALT!

    Add salt on top of the affected area, make your sponge damp and then scrub it until all the grease and stains are gone. When you finished and your pan is still warm add a little bit of vegetable oil and spread it with a paper towel. 


  2. GRAPEFRUIT for your bathroom

    The delicious fruit helps with removing the stains in your bathroom and it will also give a fresh smell. Cut a grapefruit in half and then use one of the halves to scrub your tiles and also bathtub or shower. If wanted, you can add a bit of salt for abrasion. Give it a rinse and enjoy the antibacterial effects of the grapefruit. 

  3. OLIVE OIL and LEMON JUICE for any wood surfaces

    As we all know the wood gets easily stained, mostly when we’re talking about tables and other pieces of furniture that gets used every day. One way to get its shine back is to use a mixture of two parts olive oil and one-part lemon juice, which you then apply on the wood with a fresh dry cloth. Spread it by doing circular motions. Once you finished, your furniture will be moisturised and shiny. 

  4. Use VINEGAR as fabric softener

    If you are looking for a natural replacement for your current commercial fabric softener, we are suggesting trying the white vinegar. It helps softening your clothes and also prevents the creases. For a light scent, mix a few drops of your favourite essential oil with half a cup of white vinegar and add it to your final rinse. 

  5. CIDER VINEGAR for your glasses, windows and mirrors

    Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water and then pour it in a spray bottle. Spray it onto your glass surfaces and wipe it with a microfibre fish scale glass cloth. It will get rid of all the stains and you can even use it for your shower doors.